Contact sheets for design x dev handover

I used to be specific and loyal to the tools that I use (Sketch, InVision, Principle etc), through experience I learned to value the tools less… its simply about the outcome. However i’m enjoying Figma. One thing I like about it is that it enables me to refine the way i work, easily (thank you auto-layout).

Just one of the ways i’m experimenting with is to borrow from my photography/producing experience and leverage ‘The contact sheet’. In the real of photography its used in part as a quick way to see all of your pictures from a photoshoot – its your birdseye view from in the ‘dark room’ while you’re developing photo’s.

In my experience with design systems or design pattern libraries, of any maturity… a challenge is always to very quickly (& cheaply – so no code) give people an understanding of whats in your main component library and what you can do with each respectively.

I created a kit for myself which also doubles as being handy for my development team. If a component requires a functional spec i can link to it for more in-depth functional & usage info.

Take a peak:

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